The island province is a heart-shaped Eden of sand, sea, mountains, and falls – all you could ever hope for in an island .  


The island is made famous by the annual Moriones Festival but it has a lot more to offer the curious.
Get ready to be awestricken by the charming old Spanish houses, beautiful churches, pristine white sand beaches, bewildering caves, relaxing sulfur hot springs, undisturbed pristine islands and spectacular sea and mountain views.

The Morions

For most tourists who want to see the Moriones Festival, the best time to go to Marinduque is during the Lenten Season which usually starts in the Philippines at the last week of March or the first week of April. -

Marinduque has 6 municipalities, the Boac, its capital, Gasan, Mogpog, Burnavista, Sta. Cruz and Torrijos. 


 This is the Shrine of the Battle of Pulang Lupa in Torrijos, Marinduque. In this mountain peak, the Filipinos won over the Americans during the war in September 13, 1900. It is called Pulang Lupa or Red Soil because of the bloody fight between the two forces.


Pulang Lupa as Camping Site
The Battle of Pulang Lupa was an engagement fought on September 13, 1900, during the Philippine–American War, between the forces of Colonel Maximo Abad and Devereux Shields, in which Abad’s men defeated the American force.


“The severity with which the inhabitants have been dealt would not look well if a complete history of it were written out.” —Governor-General of the Philippines William Howard Taft,

On September 13, Abad positioned his men along a steep ridge overlooking the trail which Shields would soon cross. Both Shields and his men had little combat experience and easily fell into the trap. Abad and his 250 soldiers opened fire on the column, which led to a fire-fight that lasted for several hours. Meanwhile, as the Americans and Philippine riflemen exchanged fire, the large force of Filipino bolomen began maneuvering to surround the Americans.
Shields, seeing that he was almost completely surrounded, ordered a withdrawal, which soon turned into a full-blown retreat, as Abad’s much larger force poured over the ridge after Shields and his men. The Filipino soldiers harassed Shields for nearly 4 miles (6 km) before cornering them in a small rice field; their escape to Santa Cruz was cut off by the large force of Filipino bolomen. Abad’s men again opened fire, forcing the Americans to take cover behind some paddy dikes. Shields, wounded and recognizing the futility of the situation, raised the white flag in order to surrender.


Men of the 29th volunteer infantry wading ashore on Marinduque April 25, 1900


After months of hiding, Abad in only a few hours eliminated nearly one third of the American garrison on Marinduque. –

Come and Visit Battle of Pulang Lupa Shrine and experience the Tagaytay-like ambiance.

How to get to Marinduque from Manila:
By Land:
From Manila, ride a bus bound for Dalahican Port in Lucena, Quezon Province such as Jam Liner, Lucena Lines and RRCG. Jam Liner’s terminals are located in Cubao, Kamias,Muñoz, Trinoma, Alabang, Buendia-LRT Taft, Alabang, Starmmal and Turbina.
Alternatively, you may take a bus to Lucena Grand Terminal only. Fare is Php 180 (USD $4.5) from Alabang and travel time is roughly 2.5-3 hours. (I left Alabang at 9:00 AM and arrived in Lucen at 11:45 AM). From Lucena Grand Terminal, ride a jeep en route to Dalahican Port, fare is Php 10 (USD 0.25).


The Balanacan View Deck


By Sea:
At the Dalahican Port in Lucena there are ferries/ RORO (Roll on/ Roll Off)bound to Marinduque, pay first the terminal fee: Php 30 (regular), Php 24 (Senior with ID/ Student with ID). Buying of additional Passenger Insurance (Php 10) is supposedly VOLUNTARY, but ironically, those manning the ticket booth stick them with the ticket and you’ll be asked to pay Php 40 automatically.

There are three RORO/Ferry bound for Marinduque: Lucena to Balanacan Port in Mogpog, Cawit Port in Boac, and Buyabod Port in Sta.Cruz. The most common (and the only available ferry to Marinduque at the time of my travel back in October 1, 2012 Sunday) is headed to Balanacan Port. Fare from Lucena to Marinduque is Php 260 , travel time is roughly 3 hours.

Ferry/RORO Fare from Lucena to Balanacan Port in Marinduque: Php 260/$7 (Regular), Php 208/$5.11 (Senior), Php 221/$5.43 (Student), Php 130/$3.19 (Half-fare/Children)


Mogpog, Marinduque to Lucena – Departs Daily at 8AM, 10AM, 12NN, 2PM, and 8PM. –

The Dalahican Port in Lucena is open 24 hours. Expect more passengers on weekends and during the Moriones Festival.

Most ferry here are turn-around vessels so if you fail to catch the ferry, you may have to wait at least 4 hours for the next one.

You can pay Php 25 to rent a foam and sleep at the second floor of the ferry terminal.


Gabisan Pottery Shop Brgy. Poctoy


Gabisan pottery is located in Barangay Poctoy torrijos marinduque, , it produces clay pots and brick works.
Torrijos Handloom Factory / Torrijos Loom Weavers Brgy. Bonliw  
Chi-chi crowd includes former DOT secretary, Alberto Lim, seen here watching a loom-weaver at work.
 – Photo credit to
The women buntal-weavers of Barangay Matuyatuya and Bonliw produce much sought-after table runners and placemats that are popular gift items even among the chi-chi crowd. Known collectively as Torrijos loom-weavers these women also mix other materials such as nito vines, wild cogon grass, coconut fibers, corn husks and stalks to produce other utility or decorative products. 


Tour in Torrijos will not be complete without sampling the famous delicacies that Torrijoseños has to offer.


 Photos credits to



  •   Briones Apartelle – Brgy. Poblacion
  • Mobile: +63.919.5230697


  • Cloma’s Residence – Brgy. Poctoy
  • Mobile: +63.920.7106603


  • Beach Club Cagpo (Private Homestay Resort) – Brgy. Cagpo
  • Mobile: +63.921.9932537 (Harry)
  • Website:


  • CRB Pension House – Brgy. Poblacion


  • Duds Place Beach Resort – Brgy. Poctoy
  • Mobile: +63.920.7106603


  • Jovita’s Paradise – Brgy. Cagpo
  • Mobile: +63.920.6293515


  • Marilou & Hanspeter Homestay – Brgy. Poctoy
  • Mobile: +63.921.7516930


  • Mixt Apartelle – Brgy. Poblacion
  • Mobile: +63.919.3668090


  • Rendevouz Beach Resort – Brgy. Poctoy
  • Mobile: +63.919.5150560


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